Out of the Shadows: Living with Chronic Pain

Hosts : Alexandra Heber, MD, Veterans Affairs Canada, and James Thompson, MD, Queen’s University

Chronic pain is more prevalent in military Veterans than in the Canadian general population. The condition usually begins in the context of a physical injury or illness but is highly correlated with the presence of mental health conditions. Many experts regard chronic pain as a condition in its own right. This workshop’s goal was to bring the discussion of chronic pain out of the shadows in the search for ways to help Veterans and active service personnel living with chronic pain. Many points of view were brought forward at this first national Canadian multidisciplinary gathering of researchers, Veterans with lived experience, clinicians and policymakers.

This workshop broke new ground at the CIMVHR Forum, bringing together a diverse community of Veterans, researchers, clinicians, serving members, and government representatives.

As a result of the workshop, a paper was published in the Canadian Journal of Pain on July 12, 2020 - Out of the Shadows: Chronic Pain in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans – Proceedings of a Workshop at the 2019 Forum of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research - https://bit.ly/30HI174