University members

University Members

CIMVHR’s network of 46 Canadian university members are dedicated to working together to advance health research for our military personnel, Veterans and their families. The newest member of this stakeholder group, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), joined in November of 2019. BCIT is home of the Legion Military Skills Conversion Program which is designed to help accelerate and advance the careers of current and former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. They recognize the knowledge and skills developed during military service to offer fast-track education options and career support services. Participants can access this program for educational assessment and student support, career preparation and employment fairs.

BCIT participated in CIMVHR’s BC Researcher Engagement Session in February 2020. Program Development Manager Justine Arsenault explained the program and its success to the session attendees. To date, the Legion Military Skills Conversion Program has assisted 800 CAF members.

From left to right: Dr. David Pedlar, Scientific Director, CIMVHR; Justine Arsenault, Program Development, BCIT; and Amber Butterworth, Researcher and Program Developer, BCIT.
Researcher Engagement Sessions

CIMVHR’s Researcher Engagement Sessions take place at various locations close to where CIMVHR’s Forum will be hosted that year. These sessions aim to provide an opportunity for CIMVHR stakeholders to network, connect and engage with one another while learning about the research being done in their area and what is current with CIMVHR.

University Members